Friday, April 1, 2011

Slice of Life Challenge

Hmmm...what have I learned about myself as a writer/blogger?

Over the past 31 days of "slicing" about Eli, I've learned:

-3-year olds can provide a limitless supply of potential writing long as you tape record them constantly, or follow them around with a notepad saying, "Could you repeat that for Mommy?"

-Writing definitely requires a bit of planning/prewriting/and thinking. It's what I ask my students to do on a daily basis. (Talk about getting a taste of my own medicine!)

-When I knew I was going to have to come up with a daily writing topic, I found myself brainstorming possible ideas the night before...mostly when I should have been sleeping, of course. As I always say to my students, "You're thinking like a writer!" :)

***Thank you, SOL Challenge, for forcing...err,, encouraging me (that sounds a bit more positive) into blogging about my sweetie pie little boy. It's been fun, and I plan to continue the blog, although perhaps not on a daily basis.

Thanks also to Ruth, who introduced me to the challenge in the first place. :)