Thursday, March 8, 2012

Big Stinker

Last night, after Eli was all dressed in his jammies, we sat down together in the recliner to read a story before bed. Eli grabbed his blankie and climbed up onto my (constantly shrinking) lap...but before we even opened the book, the baby was kick-kick-kicking away at Eli, who was apparently cramping her style, or at least her legs.

Whenever Eli sits on my lap, or even right up against me, this baby seems bound and determined to make him MOVE away from me!

Eli stared down at my rapidly moving tummy, and with a bit of disdain in his voice, said, "I've been thinking. Mommy, I sure hope this baby isn't a big stinker."

I had to admit that I have been having the same thoughts. Eli's been such a good rule follower, and has really grown into a pretty responsible little 4-year old. Is there ANY chance that this next one will be the same way?

It turns out that Eli is just as fearful of finding himself stuck with a rebellious hellion of a baby sister as I am!

So I told him, "No matter what kind of person she is, she's going to change our lives..."

Luckily, Eli's headstrong and determined enough that he stuck it out and listened to the whole story...WHILE being kicked and punched the ENTIRE TIME by his "big stinker" of a (yet to be born) baby sister.


  1. This is a post to hang on to--and share when they are both grown! Love it, and I'm looking forward to this little stinker too. :)

  2. This cracked me up. Amazing how your little girl is needing her space. I love how you described Eli staring at your tummy and made his declaration. Keep writing these moments. They are so important.
    MH at