Friday, March 2, 2012

The "Perfect Kind" of Purple

So we're expecting our second child at the end of April. The ultrasound "detected" a girl this time, and I'm pretty excited...except when I'm hungry, or exhausted, or vomiting, or crying for no reason. Yeah, that's pretty much how it is right now.

The upcoming arrival of "Zucchini," as Eli sincerely hopes to name her, is bringing about some room changes at our house. Eli will be moving out of his small/nursery-ish room and into the much larger guest room. So we're in the middle of stripping off tons of nasty wallpaper in the guest room to accomodate Eli and his strong opinions on design. In addition to this, we need to repaint Eli's current, VERY red accent wall.

I was picturing something like a soft green color for the baby's room...but Eli had other ideas. I took him with me to the paint store, since his sense of design and color is FAR more advanced than my own. Pretty sad, but seriously, he knows his stuff. The kid walked into Sherwinn-Williams, walked to the paint samples, and exclaims, "This is it! This is what I was thinking of. It's the perfect kind of purple!"

It looked REALLY purple to I tried to affirm his choice while also trying to change his mind completely. I should have known better. He stuck with his choice.

I have since painted the accent wall in the nursery, where Eli still resides, since he said he didn't mind being in a room with one purple wall, as it was indeed "the perfect kind of purple." I must admit, it looks fantastic.

Now to decide on the paint color for HIS new room! Here we go again...


  1. I LOVE him! First of all, while definitely unconventional, Zucchini does have a certain appeal as a name...can't put my finger on it, but somehow, I am not at all surprised by his thinking on this.
    As for the purple, we are waiting for Middle to decide on a paint color for her room. Maybe she needs to consult with your little style genius.
    Tell him I said hi and that I think he's brilliant.

  2. My own shorty had a similar name for his baby brother born last May. He was stuck on naming him Ham. To this day insists that he must pick out "Ham's" clothes daily.

  3. I like Zucchini too, although Eggplant might work better with her accent wall :) What a great little memory that both your son and Zuke will treasure now that you have captured it in words!